Promotion of Clubs
August 24, 2019 - Promotion of Clubs
First Long Test
First Long Test - August 15 and 16, 2019
Contemplare, Amare, Servire, Ecclesiam


The schools of the Carmelite Missionaries in the Philippines are founded on Christian democratic principles. They emphasize Christian education as vital in preparing the youth for the sublime end for which they were created. They believe in the development of the whole human person: his physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual formation. Thus, these institutions endeavor to promote the cultural,  social and economic development of the individual in an atmosphere that is impregnated with the teachings of the Church in the light of the Gospel.

The schools uphold the value of solidarity among themselves through fraternal collaboration in various projects and activities. Conceived of the truth that the quality of a school depends primarily on the quality of the teachers, each school strives for the professional excellence of its faculty through self-direction and active participation in the scientific and cultural programs.

The schools further adhere to the need of open dialogue among the administrators, faculty, parents, and students, in order to enhance interpersonal relationships, and mutual understanding.

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