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Praised be Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Please be informed that for Enrollment and Admission inquiries, you may contact our Guidance Office at 8930-2712 loc. 104 from Monday to Friday at 8:30 -11:30AM and 1:00-3:00 PM and look for Sir Art or Sr. Jeannete. Thank you and God bless.
Contemplare, Amare, Servire, Ecclesiam

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A Carmelian is LOVING and LOVABLE. He considers Jesus and His Church the object of his love and devotion. Everything he does springs up from his loving relationship with God and his neighbor.

CONTEMPLARE” is a Latin word meaning to contemplate or to observe intently.

A Carmelian is REFLECTIVE and PRAYERFUL. He reflects on the things that are happening to him and to his surroundings, and he is able to recognize and appreciate the presence of God working in them. His prayerful attitude enables him to contemplate the beauty and the mystery of his being a member of the Church.

AMARE” is a Latin word meaning to love or to adore.


SERVIRE” is a Latin word meaning to serve or to work.

A Carmelian is SERVICEABLE. His contemplative spirit makes him receptive to the signs of the times and empowers him to be of service to others and to become a prophet to the community where he belongs.

ECCLESIAM” is a Latin word meaning “church”.

A Carmelian is CHURCH-ORIENTED. He bears in his person the mystical mark of communion between Jesus and His Church. The more he contemplates the essence and beauty of the Church, the deeper he falls in love with Her, and the greater he esteems Her in his brothers and sisters while becoming identified with Her in his words, thoughts and actions.

We, the Carmelians, are “small churches” who are passionate lovers of Christ and His Church, committed to the formation of the people of God through an integral education imbued with humane and Gospel values, actively responding to the demands and challenges of the rapidly changing society.

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