Mater Carmeli School Novaliches

The schools of the Carmelite Missionaries in the Philippines are founded on Christian democratic principles. They emphasize Christian education as vital in preparing the youth for the sublime end for which they were created. They believe in the development of the whole human person: his physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual formation.

Our History

Mater Carmeli School at Sacred Heart Village, Novaliches, Quezon City is owned and managed by the Carmelite Missionaries of the Province of Fr. Francisco Palau, Philippines. It was founded in 1986 on a piece of property adjacent to the Novitiate House of the Province.

In 1982, when the Novitiate House was transferred at Sacred Heart Village, Quezon City, the sisters did not have in mind the founding of the school beside the Novitiate. It was because they wanted to situate the Novitiate in a quiet place which has an atmosphere of solitude. Once the house stood, people passing by the highway mistook it for a school. There were a lot of inquiries as to what grade levels were offered.

The homeowners in the village constantly prodded the sisters to put up a school which was near and efficiently managed by a religious congregation. The Sacred Heart Village Homeowners Association formalized their appeal by sending a letter of request to the Provincial Council. It was granted by the General Council in Rome. A feasibility study was made and Mater Carmeli School-Novaliches was born.

The school started its operation in June 1986 with 20 Kindergarten pupils under the tutelage of Sr. Flordeliza Presquito, CM, Sr. Assumption Villalba, CM and Reynaldo Duremdes (janitor). They kept the pre-school going for school year 1986-1987. While construction of the school building in the adjacent lot was going on, morning class was held in a lent one-storey, two-room building intended to be classrooms of novices and junior sisters.

Committed to its mission of promoting quality education in the light of Blessed Francisco Palau’s charism and Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s inspiration, the Carmelite Missionaries generously approved the completion of the school buildings.  This paved the way in the full operation of the Grade School levels in 1991 and the High School levels in 1995.

Conducive places for teaching and learning were provided by this institution for the benefit of all the learners, teachers, staff, and parents. The finished buildings were named as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, St. Teresa of Avila, Blessed Francisco Palau, Sinon Building (in honor of the school engineer, the late Engr. Leonardo Sinon).

In compliance with RA 10533, also known as the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 (K to 12 Law), the St. Therese of the Child Jesus building was constructed in 2015 for Senior High School.  On its first year of operation in 2016, the school offered the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) strand under the Academic Track.  The following years, the Senior High School Department offered Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMMS, 2017) and Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM, 2018) strands.

In order to accommodate the increasing enrolment every year, more school facilities were added and made available for quality and standard education. These facilities were fully furnished with equipment and other necessary materials required for effective utilization that would promote better teaching and learning conditions.

Due to the rapid changes in the society that challenged all Carmelians, the school was motivated to develop formation programs that would mold the learners to become “small churches” who are passionate lovers of Christ and His Church. Curriculum was revised to inculcate the knowledge, skills and values among learners shaping them to become true practicing Catholics who are witnesses of the charism of Blessed Francisco Palau and emulators of the virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Outreach activities of the school were strengthened and extended to the parents and guardians of the learners for the service of the community.

The parents’ council and the alumni of the school have become strong partners of the institution particularly in the programs that enhanced both the academics and values formation of the learners.

Today, Mater Carmeli School of Novaliches continues to serve learners with excellence and dedication in order to become globally competitive, peace- loving individuals, protector of God’s creation and servants of our neighbors for the glory of our Almighty Father.

Our Logo

A Carmelian is LOVING and LOVABLE. He considers Jesus and His Church the object of his love and devotion. Everything he does springs up from his loving relationship with God and his neighbor.

CONTEMPLARE” is a Latin word meaning to contemplate or to observe intently.

A Carmelian is REFLECTIVE and PRAYERFUL. He reflects on the things that are happening to him and to his surroundings, and he is able to recognize and appreciate the presence of God working in them. His prayerful attitude enables him to contemplate the beauty and the mystery of his being a member of the Church.

AMARE” is a Latin word meaning to love or to adore.

SERVIRE” is a Latin word meaning to serve or to work.

A Carmelian is SERVICEABLE. His contemplative spirit makes him receptive to the signs of the times and empowers him to be of service to others and to become a prophet to the community where he belongs.

ECCLESIAM” is a Latin word meaning “church”.

A Carmelian is CHURCH-ORIENTED. He bears in his person the mystical mark of communion between Jesus and His Church. The more he contemplates the essence and beauty of the Church, the deeper he falls in love with Her, and the greater he esteems Her in his brothers and sisters while becoming identified with Her in his words, thoughts and actions.


The Mater Carmeli Schools are “small churches,” inspired by the “Escuela de la Virtud” of Blessed Francisco Palau, committed to form authentic Christians, responsible citizens and stewards of God’s creation through holistic education.


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